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The city centre

Verona, the city where Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” took place


Verona is an ancient city.
Born as a Roman colony in the I century B.C., it has been ruled by the Scaligeris from the second half of the XIII century until 1387. In 1405, the city surrendered and the Repubblic of Venice ruled until 1796, when Verona was conquered by Napoleon. In 1814, the city was defeated by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and it was first annexed to Italy in 1866.


– Bella Verona (4 hours): Arena, Piazza Bra, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Palazzo Barbieri, Piazza delle Erbe, Torre dei Lamberti, Balcone di Giulietta, Piazza dei Signori, Arche Scaligere, Chiesa di Sant’Anastasia, Ponte Pietra, Teatro Romano, Duomo, Porta Borsari, Castelvecchio Basilica di San Zeno;
– On Romeo and Juliet’s footsteps (1 hour): Juliet’s house and balcony, Romeo’s house, Juliet’s Tomb, Love’s Well;
– Dante Alighieri in Verona (4 hours): San Fermo Church, Porta Leoni, Arche Scaligere, Palazzo del Governo, Centro Internazionale di Fotografia degli Scavi Scaligeri, Piazza dei Signori, Biblioteca Capitolare;
– Verona Romana (3 hours): Arena, Piazza delle Erbe, Scavi Romani, Porta Leoni, Porta Borsari, Arco dei Gavi, Ponte Pietra, Teatro Romano;
– Veronetta – The ancient heart of Verona (3 hours): Ponte Pietra, Teatro Romano, San Giovanni in Valle Church, Giardino Giusti, Santa Maria in Organo Church, San Tommaso Church.

What you can eat

In the city centre you will find many restaurants and pizzerias, where you can taste all our typical dishes, such as lesso con la pearà (boiled meat with a local sauce made of, bread, broth, cheese and pepper), taglietelle al ragù d’anatra (noodles with duck sauce), gnocchi (sort of pasta made of potatoes), pasta e fagioli (noodles and beans), risotto con il tastasal o all’amarone (risotto with meat or wine), nodi d’amore (egg pasta filled with meat), stracotto di asino (donkey meat) e la pastissada de caval (horse meat).
Of course, our staff will suggest you the best places where you can enjoy your stay tasting local food and wines.

How to reach the city centre