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La Lessinia

Where nature and tradition meet

Cenni Storici

Lessinia is a wide highland which is mostly covered with woods and pastures and it is under 3 different authorities: Verona (largest part), Vicenza and Trento. This area is part of the Pre-Alps and it is characterized by spectacular geological features and exceptional fossils.
10000 hectars are the area covered by the Regional Nature Reserve of Lessinia, opened in 1990 to promote this sort of “museum in the open air”, as it is rich in history, archeology and natural resources, as well as interesting from an architectural, ethnographical and linguistic point of view.


–    La foresta di Giazza, i Cimbri e le Carbonare (2 ore circa): an excursion to discover the natives’  (cimbri) culture and typical dishes;
–    Walk from Cerro Veronese to Monte Santa Viola: path which is thought for those who like nordic walking;
–    The natural Ponte di Veja: interesting archeologic area, characterised by an enormous natural bridge, what remains of an ancient cave;
–    Il parco delle Cascate di Molina:
–    Il Sentiero Azzurro – da Pastelletto a Breonio;
–    Walk through San Rocco di Valpolicella and Marezzane;
–    Excursion at the Corno d’Aquilio, Grotta del Ciabattino Spluga della Preta;
–    Walk from Parpari to San Giorgio – the old way;
–    Path Bolca – Purga – Pesciaja;
–    Path Fosse – Peri – Spiazzi.

Typical Products

There are numerous places in the area where you can really appreciate the local history and traditions: they are called “malghe”, that means buildings where the local people used to produce milk and its products. That is why, the most famous local product is cheese, in particular the so-called Monte Veronese. But it is not the only one, as you can also find cold cuts, oil, honey, truffle, herbs, chestnuts (particularly big), mushrooms, mixed berries and walnuts. As we can imagine, it is the thanks to all these natural products, milk, butter and cheese, that the typical dishes are so tasty. Some of the most famous ones are gnocchi di malga and torta cimbra with walnuts and fresh cheese.
Of course, our staff will suggest you the best places where you can enjoy your dinner with a breathtaking view.

How to reach Lessinia